Blood, The Game


Collect blood cells, break blockages and use consumables to keep your host healthy and alive!

⚡Power ups:

  • Drinking coffee boosts your heart rate, and speeds you up!
  • Eating a sandwich will spawn more blood cells, and give you more energy

This game was created by Mark McGregorNoreen Qureshi, and Dylan Medeiros over the course of a few weeks for a course project at Carleton University, exploring the topic of simulation in a video game.


Gamma Version 16 MB
Beta Version 8 MB


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Great game, I really enjoyed it!  Love high-score-based games, and the twisty, ominous atmosphere really sells it.  Hope a windows version would support controllers, so we could get some analog movement, but it's still fun!

Thanks very much for playing!

Great feedback, we'll see about adding controller support and an executable build.

You should totally add a Linux build

Hi SaberStorm!

The game is built with WebGL, so it should run in any WebGL-enabled browser, regardless of operating system. If you are running Chromium, there may be some flags to change in the settings to enable WebGL.

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lol, what

i'll try it