Feed your babies in Central Park!

This game was made in four days for the 2021 Global Game Jam.

❓How To:

  • Take note of your babies' desired worm for the day
  • Find and collect worms from around the park
  • Feed your babies until they are fully grown!


  • Different worms will spawn in different areas
  • Juicy worms  (blue) have a higher chance of spawning near water
  • Crunchy worms (red) have a higher chance of spawning in the dark forest
  • Edible worms (light-coloured) have an even chance of spawning around the park
  • If you peck the wrong worm, drop it somewhere and save it for later! Your chicks may be hungry for it the next day!


  • Walk/Fly - WASD + Mouse
  • Takeoff - Spacebar
  • Peck/Feed/Drop - Rightclick

🎥Take a peek behind the scenes:

Watch the process of making this game from beginning to end in a satisfying timelapse:


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Great game, Mark!  Found it really satisfying just to take off and fly around.

Thanks so much!