Welcome to Cooking 'round the Clock!

Grab your controller and get ready to roll out some dishes!

Made for the Kenney Jam 2021

❓How To:

  • Rotate the Lazy Susan with the gamepad triggers
  • Activate chefs with XYAB (corresponding to the location of the chef)
    • The TOP chef places ingredients onto the Lazy Susan
    • The RIGHT chef prepares ingredients
    • The LEFT chef cooks raw ingredients
    • The BOTTOM chef serves the food to hungry customers
  • Change selected ingredients with the D-Pad (gamepad arrow selector)
  • Once a chef has cooked or prepared an item, activate them again to place the result back onto the Lazy Susan
  • Pay attention to your current order in the lower-left corner!
  • Serving the wrong dish or an ingredient will cost you money!


  • Try to spread ingredients out on the Lazy Susan
  • Be mindful of clutter, don't run out of space!
  • Try to keep your chefs busy at all times
  • Avocado soup must be prepared, then cooked
  • Hot dogs must be cooked, then prepared
  • Eggs and Bacon only require cooking
  • Rotate! Rotate! Rotate!

🎮Controls (gamepad-only):

  • XYAB - activates each corresponding chef
  • D-Pad - selects ingredients for the TOP chef to place on the Lazy Susan
  • Right/Left Trigger - rotates the Lazy Susan clockwise and counterclockwise

🎥Take a peek behind the scenes:

A timelapse and detailed behind-the-scenes video are in the works!

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